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                              BIG    FOOT               

                                          big foot history
The story of big foot all started in 1811 when a big foot was first seen by Jasper Alberta in Canada, then after that time there were many big foot hoaxes with foot print,foot print casted ,and pictures as well as storys.The first ever big foot attack was in 1924 in Washington State.After that miners have reported stones being throne at the workers,big foots are known to trow anything when they are wanting something/someone to go away from them.The big foot craze continued in 1950.In 1958 Jerry Crew
made a cast of a "big foot" foot print ,that is where big foot got its name.


Big foots are known to be 7 to 8 feet tall weighing 600 to 900 pounds, and there feet are known to be 14 to 24 inches long ! They have the armspand of also 6 to 7 feet!!


one of the most famos pictures of a big foot was taken by Roger Patterson in the 1990's ,many of his pictures and films were a hoax ,but this picture was NOT another trick.The bigfoot field researchers organization (BFRO) has not proven this picture a hoax.


hoaxes are when somebody makes up proof ,in the 1820's there were many continus bigfoot hoaxes.One of the hoaxes was from a man ,Ray Wallace,who made wooden feet and made fake bigfoot foot prints and reported them as real foot prints.And some of the hoaxes were pictures that were photo shopped ,and also video hoaxes with people in costumes .


Big foots usually live in quiet ,humid,forest areas .Where there is many other animals ,and water .

   big foots also usually eat deer ,so a habitat with deer and a quiet area with a river or lake near by would be a perfect place for a bigfoot to live


Big foots usually make a loud howling noise similar to a coyote ,so dont get the two sounds mixed
to make the sound look up on (how to make a bigfoot sound)

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